How To Grow And Harvest Garlic With ᴀᴡᴇsome Agriculture Technology

You can plant garlic in the spring or the fall, 4 to 6 weeks before the final average frost date. Garlic for fall planting should be planted in mid-October, plant a few weeks sooner in areas with extremely cold winters, plant a few weeks later in areas with mild winters.

Garlic planted in the fall should be in the ground six to eight weeks prior to the first anticipated frost. Keep in mind that during the first two months of growth, garlic needs chilly temperatures between 32° and 50°F (0-10°C). For the deep-rooted garlic plant, cool conditions during planting are essential.

It’s time to harvest the bulbs when their tops start to dry out and turn brown. Around 75% of the top growth should be brown when it is harvested. To determine whether a bulb is ripe for harvest, lift one or two of them and break them apart. If the bulbs are difficult to separate and not segmented, it is too early. Return in one or two weeks. The stems of ripe bulbs should easily separate from them. Harvest-ready bulb skins will be thick, papery, and dry.

Bulb skins that have been in the ground for too long will become loose and degrade, making the bulbs inferior and less long-lasting. Harvesting a little early is preferable to harvesting too late. To avoid cutting or bruising the skins, carefully lift garlic bulbs with a garden fork. After harvesting, let bulbs dry in the open for 3 to 4 weeks, or until the outer skins become papery. For replanting the next season, save the biggest bulbs.

Let’s watch how to cultivate and harvest garlic with modern technology in the video below:

Source: Noal Farm

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