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You may know the world’s largest land vehicle – the bucket-wheel excavator Bagger 288. It’s just one of many enormous vehicles in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest land, sea, and air vehicles ever made in this article.



The Saunders-Roe Nautical 4 (SR.N4) hovercraft, commonly referred as the Mountbatten class hovercraft, was a type of hovercraft that could transport both people and vehicles. This is without a doubt one of the most amazing and mysterious hovercraft ships that can travel both on land and in water.

AutoTram Extra-grand


With its absurd length of more than 30 meters, the AutoTram-Extra-Grand is the longest bus. This may be a fantastic way to relieve congestion in public transit. They are the largest passenger buses in use today and have a maximum capacity of 256 passengers.

The Ghan


This enormous train travels from north to south through Aᴜsᴛʀᴀʟɪᴀ.  The Ghan offers so much more than just a long train ride; it is regarded as one of the greatest rail journeys in the history of travel. It guarantees access to areas of Aᴜsᴛʀᴀʟɪᴀ that are inaccessible and strikes the ideal balance between luxury and adventure, resulting in a memorable experience.

Fabio Raggiani Bike


Italian Fabio Reggiani earned a prestigious spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the largest motorcycle ever. It has a Chevy V8 engine that generates 280 horsepower, and it is 32 feet long and 16 feet, 8 inches high.

Prelude FLNG


The Prelude is the first floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) project in the world and is a part of a joint venture between Royal Dutch Shell, KOGAS, and Inpex. It was constructed to gain access to new offshore natural gas reserves that were previously either too expensive or impossible to produce. The Prelude FLNG is the largest ship ever built and the largest floating offshore facility in the world, measuring 488 meters long, or four soccer fields, and 74 meters wide.

Now let’s take a look at top 10 largest vehicles on earth in the video below:

Source: TTI – English

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