Strongest And Biggest Dump Trucks In The World

Dump trucks are large, heavy-duty vehicles used to move dumps (landfill materials like sand, gravel, or trash) from one place to another. Other names for them include tipper trucks or damper trucks. The dump may be flung behind the truck at the delivery area thanks to hydraulic rams on these vehicles that elevate the front of the open-box bed. There are many different types of dump trucks, each with a distinct function in the supply chains for mining and building materials. Below are some of the strongest and biggest dump trucks in the world:

Belaz 75710

The Belaz 75710 is the largest mining dump truck in the world, with a 496-ton payload capacity. The incredibly huge dump truck was unveiled in October 2013 by the Belarusian company Belaz. The vehicle weighs 810 tonnes when fully functioning. Its loading height is 8.16 meters, and its width is 9.87 meters. The truck is 20.60 meters long overall.

Liebherr T 284

With a 363-ton payload capacity, the Liebherr T 284 dump truck ranks as the sixth-largest car in the world. The truck can carry 600 tons of weight. Its width is 9.68 meters, and its loading height is 7.42 meters. The truck is 15.69 meters long overall. The Liebherr T 284 is powered by a 20-cylinder MTU 20V4000 C23 diesel engine with a maximum gross output of 3,750 horsepower. It has a top speed of 64 km/h and is powered by achi’s IGBT AC electric motor technology.

Caterpillar 797F

The Caterpillar 797F, which has been in use since 2009, is the most modern model in the 797 series. It can support a load of 363 tonnes. The truck’s gross operating weight is 688 tonnes. It measures 9.75 meters wide and 6.52 meters tall when fully loaded. The truck is 14.80 meters long overall.

Let’s take a look at top 10 biggest dump trucks in the video below:

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