Two Tractors Come To Rescue A Tractor Stuck In Mud Which Was Carrying Lots Of Rice

In order to protect the tractor and any injuries, here are some basic tips that may be useful if your tractor becomes stuck in mud. Lift the ʜɪᴛched implement off the ground first before attempting to drive through the muddy area with it raised, if the tractor has a differential lock. Do not put the tractor to stop until the slick ground has been cleaned.

If moving forward is challenging, you can opt to engage the differential lock, shift into reverse, and lift the tool off the ground. Put the vehicle in reverse, keep the throttle slightly open, and carefully press the clutch while you try to back out of the muddy region. If this doesn’t work, give up because turning the tractor’s back wheels will simply lead it to sink further and become trapped on its belly.

A tractor becomes stuck when it loses traction and its wheels are just spinning. To give the tractor freedom to maneuver and accelerate up to establish traction, clear the muck from behind the front and back wheels. If there are any solid boards or stones available, place them to improve traction.

If the machine is completely jammed, it will need to be hauled out. You will need another tractor to complete this. Before performing the procedure, unplug any equipment attached to the tractor’s 3-point linkage and hydraulic connections.

In the video below, Two Tractors Come To Rescue A Tractor Stuck In Mud Which Was Carrying Lots Of Rice:

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