150 CASE Steam Engine Plowing With 36 Bottom John Deere Plow

The 150 HP CASE is the largest steam traction engine ever made. None of them survived after their initial construction in 1905, but Kory Anderson entirely reconstructed them all in 2018. The first iteration of this gigantic steam tractor was created in 1905 by JI Case Company in Racine, Wisconsin. It was utilized as a big freighter to move large goods over significant distances between rail connections.

Only nine 150HP Case road locomotives were constructed throughout their two-year production life. Hemmings claims that after they stopped producing, which was partially due to a lack of metallurgy at the time, their parts were auctioned off for scrap.

Anderson, who grew up around steam engines, decided to take charge of his own actions more than ten years ago. He traveled with his crew to archives to gather and create blueprints for the 150HP Case steam engine.

Additionally, they developed each and every part of the steam tractor so that it could be assembled similarly to how the nine original 150HP Cases were. It took 16 months to build the engine, which weighed more than 6,200 pounds and each rear tire required 640 rivets.

Let’s Watch 150 CASE Steam Engine Plowing With 36 Bottom John Deere Plow in the video below:

Source: Kory Anderson // CEO & Entrepreneur

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