80,000 BBL Clean Tanker Launch At Corn Island Shipyard – Smoothest Launch Ever!

One of the most crucial stages in the construction of a ship is the launch. A key step in the ship launching process is the ship launching slipway, a structure that consists of a sloped path leading from the shipyard to the water. It has frequently been used to launch newly constructed or renovated ships. A ship can be launched in a variety of ways, including airbag launching, mechanical launching, gravitational launching, and floating-out launching.

Gravitational Launching

The longitudinal lubricated slideway launching is one of the earliest forms of launching systems. With this technology, the ship is launched into the water using a ship launch roller slideway. To let surfaces move more easily, oil or wax is applied. The main benefit of this procedure is that it just requires basic tools and may be applied to vessels of all shapes and sizes.

Floating-Out Launching

Ships built at dry docks are launched using the floating out ᴍᴇᴛʜod, which involves filling the dock with water. Technically, a ship is not launched in this manner. The floating-out type’s launching procedure is prompt, trustworthy, and secure. Shipbuilders are the ones that use this type of ᴍᴇᴛʜod most frequently, despite the hefty initial expense.

Air bags Launching

Using air bags to launch ships into the water is a contemporary and secure technique. These airbags typically have hemispherical heads on both ends and a cylindrical shape. They have a high load capacity and are comprised of reinforced rubber layers. This ᴍᴇᴛʜod makes it simple to employ vessels of any shape or size.

Let’s watch 80,000 BBL Clean Tanker Launch At Corn Island Shipyard in the video below:

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