Amazing Process Of Transporting Huge Wind Turbine Blade To The Top Of High Mountain 

Each part of a wind turbine needs to be transported from the manufacturer or port of entry to the location of the wind farm. Although some sections can be removed for shipping, the blades must be transported in their entirety. It is quite challenging to transport wind turbine blades that are 116 feet long. At this length, they may still be transported by vehicle. However, the move toward larger, taller wind turbines with blades that are nearly 200 feet long is ᴇɴᴅᴀɴɢᴇʀing the infrastructure for truck traffic.

Wind generator assemblies have previously been transported by railways. Despite some promise, this does not resolve all transportation-related problems. The new, longer generator blades are likely to be too lengthy for the 89-foot rail flat carriages. It might be necessary to use longer, more specialized vehicles. Some buildings are also taller than the tunnels and underpasses for railroads. Moving the parts from the train depot to the wind farm is still difficult, to say the least. In fact, getting there can be the most challenging part.

In order to adequately serve the needs of wind farms, transportation companies need a range of specialized trailering equipment, as well as knowledgeable drivers and staff, to move very large and heavy cargo over a variety of road conditions. It is necessary to use specialized trailers that can be lowered and expanded to handle long blades in order to move tower components and nacelles that are excessively tall. Trucks are still subject to regulations that set weight restrictions for each unique axle layout.

For making abrupt turns, especially through intersections, trailers with steer axles may be necessary. Despite the fact that longer trailers may be able to carry larger, longer loads, turning these extended trailers is more challenging due to their length. The road, wheels, suspensions, and tires are all more vulnerable to ᴅᴀᴍᴀɢᴇ when a quick turn is necessary.

Let’s take a look at Amazing Process Of Transporting Huge Wind Turbine Blade To The Top Of High Mountain in the video below:

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