Baby Elephant Stuck On Cliff Gets Helping Hand From The Herd’s Matriarch

In this touching clip, the matriarch of the herd saves a baby elephant who becomes stuck at the bottom of a narrow riverbed. The sᴄᴇɴᴇ was photographed by 62-year-old videographer Kim Wolhuter while she was in Bᴏᴛsᴡᴀɴᴀ’s Mashatu Game Reserve.

He began recording the sᴄᴇɴᴇ when he saw the upset baby elephant struggling to follow its mother up the bank of the Majale River. Without understanding her calf was in danger, the mother elephant continued on with her march.

The footage showed the giant beasts bending their front legs and pushing up with their hind limbs to emerge from the sand riverbed. But the lagging matriarch elephant had to gently nudge the frail calf with her trunk in order to get it to move. The Majale river only flowed for a few months of the year, according to Mr. Wolhuter, but even after the water has disappeared from the surface, there is still water beneath the sand, which elephants routinely access by digging through the sand.

He had been traveling beside the riverbed for the last few kilometers to watch who was utilizing these created holes. As he passed one of these routes, an elephant was getting ready to mount the bank. Since he was continually in ᴀᴡᴇ of the agility of these big animals, he stopped to take a look. Two elephants scaled the bank before they left.

The remainder of the family then followed, led by a cow. She was climbing when her calf got caught on the ledge. As the calf fought, the mother was originally oblivious of what was going on. As she approached from behind, the grandma gently pushed and prodded the child up the small ledge.

Its mother just became aware of what had occurred later and was attempting to help her child, but the child had already received assistance. Elephants are known for their generosity and helpfulness, and the matriarch of the herd jumped to the rescue to make sure none was left behind.

Let’s see the moment:

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