BCS 3 Wheel Reaper Binder Machine – Excellent Wheat Harvesting Solution

The bundles are mechanically tied by the three-wheel reaper binder when it harvests a range of grains, including wheat, rice, oats, and barley. By using BCS Reaper Binder, you can harvest practically all of the straw while recovering all of your grain with the least bit of fracturing. Time is saved, but it also turns out to be very cost-effective and profitable due to lower operational costs than hand harvesting. Each hour, one acre is harvested, and one liter of gasoline is bound.

The BCS mower’s success can be traced to the creative design choice that allowed for a variety of applications. The 622 transforms into a genuine harvester for crops like maize, sesame, lavender, medicinal plants, common reeds, and any other crop that requires mowing and tying in heaps or bundles when used in conjunction with a reaper-binder attachment. The Lombardini 3LD450 diesel engine in the 622 reaper-one-cylinder binder has four forward and one reverse speed.

The motorcycle may be driven as effectively as possible on any type of uneven terrain thanks to the differential lock and separate control brakes on both wheels. Reaper-binders come in two different varieties: Reaper-binder standard for loads that can only be raised about 70 to 80 cm. All crops with ground clearance greater than 80 cm can freely flow under the axle thanks to a special reaper-binder with an elevated chassis that has been created.

The cutter bar is available with regular fingers (76 cm finger clearance), low cut fingers (38 mm fin clearance), or mulching fingers to reduce clogging, particularly with common reeds. The cutting height is 140 cm. The cut crop is continuously moved in the direction of the tying attachment by the prongs above the cutter bar. A true technological advancement is the BCS-patented binder, which allows adjustable wire cutting and binding of cut objects after the heap is formed. Using a suitable spring, the latter can have its diameter changed at three different locations.

Now let’s see How BCS 3 Wheel Reaper Binder Machine Works in the video below:

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