Big Fruit Juice Tanker “Carlos Fischer” Which Can Carry 37,000 Tons Of Orange Juice

One of the largest fruit juice transiting carrier ships in the world is the Carlos Fischer, named for a notable Bʀᴀᴢɪʟian agriculturalist. This orange juice concentrate tanker has done more than just change the way liquids are transported in vessels throughout the course of its more than ten years of operation.

One of Grupo Fischer’s subsidiary companies, the Aleuropa, owned and operated the shipyard where the Carlos Fischer was built, Kleven Flor. From the farms of Grupo Fischer in Bʀᴀᴢɪʟ to the facilities in the eastern United States, Bᴇʟɢɪᴜᴍ, and Jᴀᴘᴀɴ, Carlos Fischer is capable of transporting up to 37,000 tonnes of fresh orange juice.

The Carlos Fischer’s storage module, which was created to convey the desired payload, is its most significant feature. Given that the ship is carrying perishable juices, its refrigeration and storage systems are state-of-the-art and specially constructed to ensure the long-term viability of the cargo.

There are four juice storage tanks in each of the four chilled compartments, for a total of around 37,000 tonnes of juice storage. The juices are transferred from the pipelines into the containers at a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius, in a slush-like state rather than being completely liquid, to preserve the quality of the juices.

Let’s take a look at Big Fruit Juice Tanker “Carlos Fischer” Which Can Carry 37,000 Tons Of Orange Juice in the video below:

Source: Roberto Smera – Aerial Shipspotting

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