Caterpillar D11 Bulldozers At Work On Farm – Giant Heavy Equipment On Farm!

The new Caterpillar D11 bulldozer can now deliver productivity at lower cost. The operator has total control over the dozer thanks to modern technology, enabling safe and efficient operation.

For a quicker return on your investment, this enables you to transport more material in a given amount of time at a lower cost per ton. This intelligent dozer’s productivity and cost are further enhanced by its thorough machine protection strategy and machine guidance system.

The brand-new, electronic ACERT engine also takes the place of the 3508 engine. Thanks to the repower, the D11 now considerably emits 40% less NOx and 40% less particulates while utilizing up to 15% less gasoline. Repowering makes it possible to deploy an emissions-compliant piece of equipment in the field for a lot less money than buying a brand-new D11T, which costs $2.2 million.

The repower increases the chance that the engine’s 20-year-older technology will lead to higher fuel efficiency throughout the length of the equipment’s prolonged life in addition to reducing NOx and PM emissions by 40% and bringing the D11 up to bid standards.

Now let’s watch Big D11 bulldozers at work on farm in the video below:

Source: The Jackson Brothers

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