Check Out The World’s Tallest Boom Lift 185 Feet JLG 1850SJ

The JLG 1850SJ boom lift has a staggering horizontal sweep of 80 feet and a height of 185 feet, 7 inches. That is sufficient to reach a building’s nineteenth floor. The largest JLG lift, the 1850SJ, has an 80-foot horizontal outreach. Total accessible volume for the lift is about 3 million cubic feet.

The 1850SJ is more than just the tallest boom lift in the world. With a 1,000-pound weight limit, the boom lift is capable of transporting more people, equipment, and cargo than other lifts. The 1850SJ has a slower cycle speed than other boom lifts. As a result, the boom can rise to its full height from the ground in less than five minutes. This saves time at work while moving slowly enough to move people safely.

There are a retractable telesᴄᴏᴘing jib and an advanced LCD platform monitor. The functional jib of the 1850SJ gives you extra reach if you need it thanks to superior up-and-over capacity and the ability to maneuver around obstacles like existing structures and ʀɪsᴋs.

In industrial and construction contexts, this functionality is helpful. Power plants, stadium construction, maintenance, and even particular surveillance situations are just a few of the places and jobs that the JLG telesᴄᴏᴘing jib is useful for. Not merely the tallest boom lift, the JLG 1850SJ is the MEWP for all weather conditions.

Let’s take a look at The World’s Tallest Boom Lift 185 Feet JLG 1850SJ in the video below:

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