Cotton Farming And Harvest With Modern Pickers, How Cotton Is Processed In Factory

About 160 days after being planted, cotton is completely grown and prepared for harvest. Farmers can get ready to harvest the cotton plants once the bolls have opened. Weather, notably rain, is one of the main hazards to a cotton crop, thus it must be harvested in a timely manner to prevent ᴅᴀᴍᴀɢᴇ that would reduce production.

Cotton bolls are detached from the stalk using devices known as cotton pickers. To remove the seed cotton from the opening burr, these machines use rotating spindles. The seed cotton is then taken out of the spindles by doffers. It is also possible to employ a second device known as a cotton stripper.

The open bolls from the plants are knocked into a conveyor by this specific machine using rollers that are mounted with brushes and bats. Both cotton harvesting techniques employ air to lift the seed cotton into a basket, where it is kept until it is thrown into a boll buggy.

The cotton is now moved from the boll buggy to a module building after being harvested from the field. After that, the cotton is bundled into substantial cubes that weigh around 20,000 pounds each. The cotton is now delivered to the cotton gin for processing and preparation before the fiber travels on to its next destination, which will either be a textile mill or a maker of purifying.

Let’s watch how cotton is harvested with pickers and how it is processed in factory in the video below:

Source: Noal Farm

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