Discover Top Weirdest And Strangest Cars Ever Made

Bold attempts to develop cars that are so unlike anything that has come before in terms of appearance and functionality are commonplace in the history of automotive design. The most adventurous of them are typically concept cars, which can really push the envelope because they aren’t constrained by practicality or governmental constraints.

Ferrari Modulo

The Ferrari Modulo was created by Paolo Martin and presented at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show, yet one might be forgiven for thinking it came from a science fiction film from the 1960s. The car has an alien, Star Trek-like appearance due to its odd angles and curves. There was only ever one made. James Glickenhaus, an American automotive aficionado, later purchased it in 2014.

Upside Down Ford F150

Perhaps Rick Sullivan, a mechanic, is the only person in the world who owns an upside-down Ford truck. The crazy idea for the project first came to him when he was summoned to rescue a flipped-over Ford Ranger from a collision caused by snow-covered roadways.

Rick found the Ranger and opted to remove the drivetrain before finding a Ford F-150 body and fitting the Ranger drivetrain into it. After the swap was finished, a lot of customization was required to make the vehicle appear to be a genuine upside-down Ford.

Peel P50

From 1962 until 1965, the Peel Engineering Company on the Isle of Man developed the tiny Peel P50. It was advertised as having space for one person and a shopping bag and was made to seem like a city automobile.

In fact, the car is so compact that it can easily be lifted by one person and fit through most doors and into buildings. In the 1960s, about 45 Peel P50s were sold. Despite the fact that production of this peculiar car resumed in 2011 after a 50-year hiatus, just about fifteen vehicles are being sold annually.

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