First Field Of 2020 Corn Planting With Big Challenger MT800 Tractors – Best Farming Machines!

This fuel-efficient powertrain is coupled with a cutting-edge substructure supported by more than three decades of experience in track systems. The MT800 Series has a suspended undercarriage and the most track belt options. A better track-to-ground contact is made possible by the longer wheelbase, which boosts power transfer while enhancing flotation, minimizing soil disturbance and compaction, and improving flotation.

The MT800 series has track widths ranging from 88 to 128 inches, unlike quad-track tractors, which have fixed track widths. This gives operators the option to select the best width for the work or to maintain controlled traffic lanes to lessen soil compaction over a field. Depending on the style, four-track kinds have belt widths that range from 18 to 36 inches. Mid-wheel suspension aids in maintaining constant contact on all surfaces, producing an extremely smooth ride.

The Challenger SmartRideTM suspension offers even more operator comfort in both field and road settings. Using coil springs and rubber dampeners, the suspension system connects the hard-bar front axle to the chassis. The optional SmartRide+TM load-leveling system uses hydraulic cylinders embedded in the springs to control the tractor’s pitch. By maximizing suspension travel, this not only assures proper implementation and linkage geometry but also improves ride quality.

With the help of the Challenger Guide smart farming guidance package options, a user can connect a variety of current market systems to a tractor from the MT800 Series. For instance, devices like the TI Headland automated operating sequence and the Challenger Guide Contour Assistant speed up and improve job quality, especially on headlands. 

The video below is the first field of 2020 Corn Planting with Big Challenger MT800 Tractors:

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