How To Harvest Apples And How To Make Apple Juice In Factory

When the color of the skin deepens, apples are ripe. Because they receive more sunlight, the fruits on the sides and top of the tree typically ripen earliest. Windfalls are a solid sign that you can begin harvesting, while ripe fruits simply fall off the tree. In case you’re unsure, just give them a quick taste to see if they’re good to select!

The ideal ᴍᴇᴛʜod for picking an apple is to cup it in your palm, lift it up, and then gently twist it till it comes away. Each apple should come off with its stalk attached. Never pull an apple from the tree since you may harm the fruiting spurs and cause apples adjacent to fall. Always handle apples gently to prevent damaging the delicate flesh. There are also apple harvesters which allow you to pick apples more quickly for some kinds of apples and their special uses.

Apple juice is a cheap beverage that has a lot of health advantages. Vitamins A and C, fructose, glucose, and cellulose are all present. Apple juice can assist with a number of dietary requirements. In addition to encouraging intestinal peristalsis and digestion, it will cause gas production in the intestines.

The apple juice production process is broken down into a number of steps, including apple washing, cleaning, waxing, grading, packing, apple chopping, apple juice extraction, juice residue separation, juice concentrating, and juice packing…

Let’s Watch How To Harvest Apples And How To Make Apple Juice In Factory in the video below:

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