Komatsu PC3000-6 Loading Blasted Rock Into A Fleet Of Komatsu HD785-7 Off-road Trucks

Both a diesel and an electric powertrain are available for the Komatsu PC3000-6, which is available in front shovel and backhoe models. This excavator is perfect for mining applications because of features like strong power and maximum reach. Iɴᴅᴏɴᴇsɪᴀ’s first excavator in the 300-ton class with electric power is the PC3000-6.

The parts of this product are well built, have a long lifespan, and require little maintenance. To ensure optimum unit durability, a large undercarriage design and extensive component research were also utilised in the creation of this item.

For excavators of the 300 ton class, electric and diesel power choices are offered. With a power output of 940 KW (1260 HP), this equipment provides excellent productivity and low emissions. The Centinel, Engine Reserve Oil Supply, Eliminator Oil Filter System, and Optional Time Saving Engine Oil Management System are just a few of the product’s amazing characteristics.

The comfort of the user is the main objective of the product’s operation. This device was meticulously designed with low noise and vibration levels and a multi-adjustable air suspension seat for better operator comfort. One advantage of this product is its uncomplicated design, which allows easy access to all crucial components. This device has multiple points of access to the main service points, a hydraulic ladder for access, and an electronic monitoring system that provides real-time information on the status of the machine.

In the video below, Komatsu PC3000-6 is loading blasted rock into a fleet of Komatsu HD785-7 off-road trucks:

Source: PAmining

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