Liebherr R9100 Smoothly Loading A Fleet Of 12 Bell B50D

The design of the R 9100 follows the Liebherr design philosophy, which attempts to maximize the performance of each individual subsystem. The device was created with high uptime and maximum serviceability in mind. The R 9100’s modern cab offers a comfortable work environment that guarantees high operator performance throughout every shift.

The state-of-the-art hydraulic technology from Liebherr supports the energy optimization of the R 9100. The high-pressure hydraulic system and the idealized pipe and hose configuration increase the usable power transfer. In order to provide the optimum oil flow management and pressure adjustment, the hydraulic pumps are electronically controlled. The hydraulic system is individually managed over the engine circuit for maximum operational efficiency.

Large independent oil and water coolers are equipped with energy-efficient fans and on-demand cooling controls to maximize the amount of electricity available for digging. The high pressure hydraulic oil filtering systems on the R 9100 eliminate contaminants from the fluid for the best possible rate of hydraulic system efficiency. To maintain the oil quality, every return hydraulic oil flow goes through a 15/5 m filtering system. In order to increase availability, the grease tank and fuel tanks are sized to greatly extend the time between servicing intervals.

The brand-new, state-of-the-art large cab on the Liebherr 100 t series offers excellent working conditions and optimal operator comfort. In order to provide a tranquil environment, the R 9100’s cab design, which is mounted on silent blocks, reduces vibrations and restricts noise pollution. A large one-piece windscreen in the R 9100’s cab gives the operator a bird’s-eye view of the entire machine and loading area. 

Let’s watch Liebherr R9100 Loading A Fleet Of 12 Bell B50D in the video below:

Source: Gilles Auriol – French construction machinery

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