Perfect Combination Between Fendt 1050 And Road Train To Harvest Corn Smoothly And Effectively

Road freight is transported more successfully by a transportation device known as a road train, land train, or long combination vehicle (LCV) than by a semi-truck. The vehicle is connected to numerous trailers in order to tow a substantial amount of freight. Out of all the conceivable combinations, the three trailers or two trailers combination is the most popular.

The 1050 Vario is the top-tier Fendt product model. The traits of “big, strong, and distinctive” are all present in this tractor. It features excellent design, power, and handling. It is a new standard that pays incredible attention to detail, is highly user-friendly, and has the renowned BRUDER quality and longevity.

Other well-known characteristics of the kind include a steerable front axle and a rear coupler that can be raised or lowered to attach any professional series trailer. Newly built axles with detachable wheels and the eye-catching highlight, a revamped front mount to connect accessories, are further brand-new features.

Everyone is in ᴀᴡᴇ of how efficiently the Road Train and Fendt 1050 Vario harvest corn together. The combo works incredibly well, and the procedure is complete. Watch the video below to see this perfect combination:

Source: Agrar Paparazzi

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