Potato Harvest With PLOEGER AR-4BX, Fendt And New Holland

A potato harvester can cover two or four rows of potatoes at once. It uses a diablo roller and three shares for each row of potatoes. While the three shares dig beneath the potatoes and the ground to lift them onto the intake web, the diablo rollers cover the row of potatoes.

The agitators shake the earth from the potatoes while they are on the web, causing it to fall through the web and back onto the ground. The potatoes are also dumped in rows, making it simpler for the loader to pick them up and transport them from the field to the truck or trailer.

One, two, or three webs are included with the harvesters. The web has gaps that are 42 to 44 mm broad. Under the web, in the form of a blunt three-pointed star, is the agitation sprocket. The dirt and potatoes are stirred up more severely when the prongs are longer.

The windrow chute on the harvester’s back directs the potatoes as they fall from the last web, combining two rows of potatoes into just one, simplifying the job of the loader. They have one, two, or three webs. The more clay there is in the soil, the more webs (and agitation) are required to separate the soil from the potatoes.

Let’s watch Potato Harvest With PLOEGER AR-4BX, Fendt And New Holland in the video below:

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