Rescue The Sinking Komatsu Excavator PC130 With Komatsu PC200

The 97.2 HP (72.5 kW) classic tail swing PC130 motor provides quick loading cycles and excellent productivity. Steel castings are used to construct the PC130 boom foot, boom nose, and arm tip, ensuring lasting durability. In comparison to the previous model, the PC130 uses 12% less gasoline, and its auto-idle shut down feature may be set to switch the engine off automatically after a specific length of idle time. The efficient viscous fan clutch reduces engine load when maximum cooling is not needed.

For clients who value dependability, productivity, and lifespan, the compact, entry-level PC130 was thoughtfully designed. It can handle various utility tasks or small building projects and adjust as your business grows to meet its changing needs.

Operators can choose from six working modes to improve output and fuel efficiency. The PC130’s superior hydraulic flow and stick digging force increase machine productivity. It is easy to maintain because of its sizable one-piece hood and frequent ground-level inspections.

As you can see in the photo below, the operator was unable to move the Komatsu PC130 to a higher location and it was abandoned in the middle of the little island where it was being operated, between the river and the approaching rain. As more rain falls during the night, more earth is eroded by water, eventually rolling and collapsing. To salvage the PC130, the Komatsu PC200 had to intervene. It performed well!

Now let’s see How Excavator Komatsu PC200 Can Successfully RescueThe Sinking PC130 in the video below:

Source: NanoNano Heavy Equipments

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