These Are The Biggest And Most Powerful Telehandlers In The World

These are the top telehandlers in the world. These massive telesᴄᴏᴘing handlers are employed by construction companies, logistics companies, or agricultural companies for the distribution and logistics of commodities. They are equipped with a variety of attachments that can lift and move a variety of big loads.

Manitou MHT-X 14350

It is a strong, French-made telesᴄᴏᴘic handler that can carry a lot of weight and is designed to perform the most difficult operations in the logistics, mining, or construction sectors. It can traverse any terrain swiftly and has a multitude of attachments. It is 10.9 meters in length, weighs 69 tons, and has a 348 horsepower and 1600 newton meters of torque engine. Its telesᴄᴏᴘic arm can raise up to 69 tons, and its top speed is 25 kph.

Cat TL1055D

It is an American-made telehandler that is strong and capable. It can handle any type of agricultural or construction activity thanks to its exceptional adaptability. It is made to work in small locations and fit into them. It is 6.3 meters in length, weighs 14.4 tons, and produces 612 newton meters of torque. It has a 142 horsepower engine. Its telesᴄᴏᴘic arm may be extended to a 3.0 meter height.

Genie GTH-1256

It is an American-made telesᴄᴏᴘic handler with a big lifting capacity. It has a variety of applications and can be utilized for industrial-scale agriculture or construction activities. Its engine produces 154 horsepower and 600 newton meters of torque, and it weighs 16.6 tons and is 6.4 meters long. Its telesᴄᴏᴘic arm may be extended all the way to 29 kilometers per hour.

Let’s take a look at The Biggest And Most Powerful Telehandlers In The World in the video below:

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