This Baby Elephant Has His First Pool Experience, Let’s See What Happened

This baby elephant was only two months old when the Dallas Zoo decided it was time for the young elephant to enjoy some fun while it was warm outside. They set up a small kiddie pool and started sprinkling water on him to cool him off. The young calf’s face appeared to be about to break into raptures as he drew nearer to the water.

You may think that elephants are huge and ponderous beasts, sluggish to move and respond, but this video will certainly debunk that. Watch how he tumbles and plays in the pool, and you can see that he’s truly having fun.

Born to mommy Milo, he’s filmed as he’s receiving his first bath at the Dallas Zoo. The zoo has promised to raise the size of the pool as the calf grows bigger. This implies that the small one will constantly have pleasure with water.

It’s cute how the calf tumbled over, stepped on the kiddie pool, and splashed around in the water while rubbing himself in it. Elephants are one of the brightest creatures on Earth, and it’s good to watch one of their kind let their hair down and get down to playful business. It makes people feel like going outside and having some fun in the water!

Let’s watch the video:

Source: Dallas Zoo

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