Three Elephants Form A New Family After Being Rescued

In an elephant park, three elephants who had difficult upbringings join together to start a new family. Their names are Ploythong, Chana, and Kabu. When Kabu was a newborn, her leg was amputated. Chana broke her leg under known circumstances after being separated from her mother at a young age. She was employed as a street performer for a show.

Ploythong has been blind for a long time. She has devoted the most of her life to giving riding services to tourists. They have all been relocated to an elephant park, where they don’t have to work anymore.

Chana and Ploythong become very ᴄʟᴏsᴇ as they get to know one another. Unfortunately, Kabu finds it difficult to get along with Ploythong. Chana puts a lot of effort into making sure they get along. Chana has taken it upon herself to serve as Ploythong’s guide because she is blind. Everywhere they go, she makes sure Ploythong is secure and content. As her second nanny, Chana has welcomed Ploythong.

The three of them have created a new family unit together. They overcame difficult situations, and as a result of their love for one another, they have become stronger. They can enjoy their life in the park. Ploythong, Chana, and Kabu are now inseparable. They take turns bathing, eating, and playing together. The three elephants are very happy.

Let’s watch these three elephant live and play happily together in the video below:

Source: elephantnews

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