Top Giant Monster Mining Machines In The World

Some mining machinery is a real beast when it comes to size, weight, and strength. Take a look at these illustrations, which show the biggest machinery currently in use in the industry to see what we mean.

ʜɪᴛachi EX8000-6 Mining Excavator

The largest excavator in the ʜɪᴛachi fleet, the EX8000-6, can be equipped with a 43.3 m3 backhoe bucket or a loading shovel. It can fill the largest ʜɪᴛachi dump truck (EH4000AC-3) in just five passes and has an operating weight of up to 837 tonnes. The Cummins engines’ combined output is 2900 kW. The top-of-the-line mining excavator from ʜɪᴛachi, the EX1200-6, has an engine capacity that is only one-sixth that of this.

Liebherr Mining Truck T 282 C

In order to increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption, the Liebherr T 282 C mining truck combines an efficient Litronic Plus AC drive system with a powerful diesel engine. Due to its strong, durable, and light weight structure, this mining truck offers the highest payload to empty vehicle weight (EVW) ratio in its class, which also permits quicker cycle times.

CAT 854 Wheel Dozer

The exceptional endurance of Cat Wheel Dozers ensures maximum availability over several life cycles. Because of the machines’ improved performance and easier maintenance requirements, you may move more material with more efficiency, safety, and cost savings per ton. The 854K Wheel Dozer, the largest in the Cat Wheel Dozer family, excels in massive mining operations, electric-generating utilities, general construction, and wherever else that mobility, adaptability, and compaction are required.

The video below is World’s Largest And Most Powerful Mining Machines:

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