Top Longest Trains In The World, It’s Unbelievable!

In this article, we’ll discover the longest freight trains ever constructed. Many of these freight trains are still in service today, though with fewer wagons and payload than in the past.

BHP Iron Ore (7,3 km)

The BHP Iron Ore is the largest freight train in the world, measuring 7.352 kilometers (4.568 miles) in length (also the longest train overall). With 682 wagons and a weight of 99,732 tons, it was the biggest train that had ever existed at the time it was in use. Under the supervision of BHP, iron ore was transported by rail in 2011 from the Yandi mine in Western Aᴜsᴛʀᴀʟɪᴀ to Port Hedland. It transported 82,000 tons of iron ore and was pushed by eight strong General Electric diesel locomotives.

Ekibastuz Run (6,5 km)

The Ekibastuz Run is the third-longest freight train in the world. With 439 wagons, this freight train covered 6.5 kilometers. It was 95,680,621 pounds, or 43,400 tons, heavy. This railroad ran through the Ural Mountains, transporting coal to nearby and local power and heating facilities. It was a piece of the fleet of Kazakh Railway trains that moved about 330 thousand tons of coal to the facilities in Ekibastuz and Krasnogorsk.

BNSF Railway (3,9 km)

A BNSF Railway train that was among their longest stretched 2.43 miles or 3.91 kilometers. This train, which had 458 wagons and was slightly longer than 3 kilometers, broke BNSF’s previous record for the longest train, which had 435 wagons. The majority of the cargo carried by this freight train, run by BNSF Railway, consisted of shipping containers. It served the route between Los Angeles and Clovis, New Mᴇxɪᴄᴏ, as a passenger train. Seven engines were scattered throughout the train to power it.

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