Transplanting A Tree Is So Easy With This Amazing Powerful Tree Spade

A tree spade is a specialized tool that automates the transplanting of huge plants because it would be too hard to do so by hand using regular spades, wagons, and other tools. These consist of substantial bushes and modest to small trees.


Tree spades do for transplanting what tractors and combine harvesters do for agriculture and what excavators and other heavy equipment do for construction by giving automated power to what was previously exclusively a manual procedure. Tree spades are now commonly employed in the landscaping sector for tree removal and tree transplanting, as well as in the tree nursery industry to boost production rates.


A common machine comprises several blades that encircle the tree, digging into the earth before taking the entire tree out of the ground together with its roots and dirt and replanting or transplanting it in the selected spot. For commercial tree nurseries, similar machinery can be used to plant trees in pots or baskets.


Tree spades come in a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate various soil conditions and client needs. Straight and curved blades, root ball diameter, root ball depth, and root ball cone angle are examples of common design variants. The equipment can be put on a tractor or loader to move trees a short distance, or it can be placed on the back of a truck to move trees over a highway with long distance.

Let’s watch this powerful tree spade transplanting a tree quickly and amazingly in the video below:

Source: Folder OSN

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