Unbelievable Sight A Crane Lifting A Crane Lifting A Crane Which Is Lifting Another Crane, Total 4 Cranes!

Sometimes a company needs to show you how much weight one of its pieces of equipment can lift in order to convince you that it is capable of doing so. A crane was used to lift three other cranes at Liebherr, a German manufacturer of construction cranes, to impress attendees at their annual customer event.

You can see a Liebherr LR 13000, one of the biggest conventional crawler cranes in the world, raise a 1,080-ton Liebherr LR 11350, which was lifting a 288-tonne LR 1350, which was lifting a 62-ton LR 1100, in the video below below. The LR 13000 is a behemoth with a 3,000 ton capacity that has a maximum height of 472 feet (144 meters). Surprisingly, the big crane managed to transfer the cranes, which weigh 1,430 tonnes, a short distance in addition to lifting them. A bunch of ardent Liebherr supporters find it impossible to comprehend what they are seeing as they watch this amazing demonstration.

The LR13000 and other mobile tower cranes displayed in the movie have crawler track travel gear that offers dependable traction in even the most challenging terrain. They are fast-erecting, top-slewing cranes. This type of crane with a crawler undercarriage is a fantastic option for practically any type of task site due to its superior mobility and affordability.

The Liebherr LR13000 is the most potent conventional crawler crane in the world due to its ability to lift extraordinarily heavy component weights. It is widely utilized for building power plants. It is also a top choice in refineries due to the demand to raise industrial columns weighing 1,500 tons and measuring more than 100 yards in length.

Let’s take a look at this in the video below:

Source: Hutton Strader

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