Unloading Timber Truck Quickly And Impressively With The Powerful Svetruck TMF Logstacker

Despite its size, the Svetruck TMF is a powerful log stacker that is simple to use and maintain. Svetruck may modify equipment to exactly fit the needs of the business. The Svetruck TMF machines are primarily used in pulp, paper, and sawmill industries.

The machine has been built to give the operator a comfortable workspace that encourages high output. The main goal has been for operators to do their duties during the entire shift safely and effectively.

The Svetruck TMF is a heavy-duty, highly dependable machine for quick, safe, and economical log handling. It is made with well-known quality components and a wealth of expertise and knowledge.

A huge truck used to transport logs is called a logging truck or a timber lorry. Some are standalone tractor units, some have integrated flatbeds, and some are designed to distribute a load between the tractor unit and a dollied trailer that is pulled behind it. There are frequently several trailers ʜɪᴛched. Long, flat trailers with two or three axles are a distinguishing feature of timber trucks. Long logs, prepared beams, and planks, as well as their loading and unloading, are made simple and effective by this.

Let’s watch the powerful Svetruck TMF log stacker unloading timber truck quickly and impressively in the video below:

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