Watch Huge Tunnel Boring Machines In Action, It’s So Amazing!

A tunnel boring machine is a piece of equipment that can drill full-face tunnels in a single operation. Although its power source is entirely electric, it contains a spinning head with cutting components and runs on hydraulic or electric motors.

Shoring is another task for the TBM. In construction and civil engineering projects, shoring is a temporary containment system used to support excavations or structures. Moles and shields are the two main types of tunnel boring machine.

Shields: These tunnel boring machines need to be supported in order to drill soft rocks or brittle terrain. They have an outer metal casing that holds the ground from the front temporarily until the final shoring is installed to ensure the stability of the tunnel. These tunnel boring machines can have an earth pressure balance, a mechanical seal, compressed air pressurization, bentonite construction (or hydro-shield), an open or ᴄʟᴏsᴇd face, or any combination of these features.

Moles are tunnel boring machines used to remove high or medium-hard rocks from the ground. The thrust cylinders transmit the push force to the cutter head. Moles don’t act as temporary shoring since they lack a steel cylinder behind the cutting wheel like shields do. Another type of tunnel boring machine is called a double shield, which may function as a mole or a shield depending on the situation.

Let’s Watch Huge Tunnel Boring Machines In Action in the video below:


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