Watch The First Test Drive Of Volvo A60H Articulated Dump Truck

The Volvo A60H with a 60-ton capacity is designed for off-road heavy hauling in open pit mines, quarries, and significant earthmoving projects. It can move an equivalent quantity of material faster than rigid dump trucks and construction vehicles when utilized on softer, uneven, or steeper roads. The A60H reduces customers’ cost per ton by 15% due to a 40% increase over Volvo’s previous large articulated hauler.

Good stability, comfort, and quick hauling speeds are created from the all-terrain bogie, hydro-mechanical steering, active suspension, matched drivetrain, automatic drive combinations, and 100% differential locks. It is driven by a 16-litre Volvo engine that produces 382 kW of power while using relatively little fuel.

Modern technologies have also been included by Volvo to track machine performance and status and offer guidance on the cheapest ways to boost profits. The ideal load is employed in every cycle thanks to the on-board weighing mechanism. As a result, productivity increases, fuel efficiency improves, and machine wear is reduced under all site circumstances and usage.

A load-and-dump brake, slope assistance, and a dump support system are all included in the Volvo A60H to help the operator maintain control at all times. The A60H is roomy and comfy thanks to climate control and a seat that is in the middle. The cab provides superb visibility, and the controls are simple to use and understand. By having so many autonomous functions on board, operation is even more straightforward. In general, the Volvo A60H articulated dump truck is quieter, and operators say they feel less worn out.

Now let’s watch the first test drive of volvo A60H articulated dump truck in the video below:

Source: Teknikens Värld

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