Wonderful Jᴀᴘᴀɴese’s Sweet Potato Cultivation Technology, Sweet Potato Farming And Harvest

Sweet potato cultivation, storage, and packaging are all very fascinating processes. Sweet potatoes are underground plants that are supported by vines. Additionally, they develop in groups such that there are numerous sweet potatoes on each plant when they are harvested.

A harvesting team moves around the field when it comes time to harvest the sweet potatoes. How the harvesting procedure is organized is as follows:  A one row mechanical chain digger is pulled by a tractor. On the harvesting apparatus is where the harvest team is situated.  Each employee has their own container, and they are searching for a particular sweet potato size or grade.

The several individual sweet potato plants are brought up when the harvesting machine drills into the soil. Excess soil is released as they roll up the conveyor. All of the extra stuff on the sweet potatoes does have adventitious roots on it, and those will remain there until they are removed during the packing process.

After that, the workers move through the plants. The workers at the front choose the larger potatoes before repositioning the plants on the conveyor so that the workers behind them can take the smaller potatoes out of the plants. A forklift will pass through the field to remove and replace the bins once their bins are full.

Let’s Watch Wonderful Jᴀᴘᴀɴese’s Sweet Potato Cultivation Technology in the video below:

Source: Noal Farm

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