World’s Incredible Machines Which Can Take Our Jobs In The Future

With the development of machines, modern living is both convenient and challenging. Many of these inventions are engineering marvels that arouse curiosity. This article highlights several amazing machines that produce excellent work.


One of the most astounding devices has been created by a company in New York; it is a semi-automated robot that can lay bricks up to four times faster than a person. The Semi-Automated Mason (SAM) system, which was tested on construction sites for more than 8 years, charges $500,000 (£330,000). The robotic arm of the system, which is available for purchase, has the ability to pick up bricks, apply mortar, and then position each brick where it is required to create a wall. It is capable of laying 800 to 1,200 bricks per day. In contrast, a human mason may only lay 300–500 bricks each day.


A device that excavates circular tunnels through a variety of soil and rock layers is a tunnel boring machine (TBM), sometimes known as a “mole.” They have the power to drill through even hard rock and sand. Micro-TBMs were used to build tunnels with diameters as small as one meter, up to 19.25 meters. Tunnels with a diameter of less than or equal to one meter are often constructed without the use of TBMs using horizontal directional drilling or trenchless construction ᴍᴇᴛʜods.

SVM 1000

Up to 2 km of track may be laid in 24 hours by the semi-automated Plasser & Theurer SVM 1000 track laying train, which is used all over the world to build train lines with significantly less effort and a quicker turnaround time.

Now, let’s take a look at 10 Incredible machines which can take our jobs and see how they work in the video below:

Source: Engineering World

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