150 CASE Road Locomotive Pulling 44 Bottom John Deere Plow – A New Record!

The largest steam traction engine ever produced is the 150 HP CASE. Built initially in 1905, none of them ever survived until they were completely rebuilt in 2018 by Kory Anderson. JI Case Company in Racine, Wisconsin, produced the first version of this enormous steam tractor in 1905. In order to transport massive loads over long distances between rail connections, it was used as a heavy freighter.

Over the course of its two-year production run, just nine 150HP Case road locomotives were produced. According to Hemmings, their components were sold off for scrap when they ceased production, which was partly caused by a lack of metallurgy at the time.

Anderson, who was raised around steam engines, made the decision to act independently more than ten years ago. He and his team went to archives to collect and make ᴄᴏᴘies of the 150HP Case steam engine’s plans.

They also engineered every component of the steam tractor so that it could be built in the same manner as the nine original 150HP Cases were. Each rear tire required 640 rivets and took 16 months to construct just the engine, which weighed more than 6,200 pounds (2,812 kg).

In the video below, 150 CASE Road Locomotive Is Pulling 44 Bottom John Deere Plow at the James Valley Threshing Show in Andover, South Dakota:

Source: Kory Anderson // CEO & Entrepreneur

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