345CL Excavator Pulls Out 2 Deere Dozers From A Stuck

The 650H Deere Dozer tumbled down the slope into the canal as workers attempted to complete grade the slopes along a new roadway, and the 750J tried to pull it out but also fell in. Then the 345CL was there to rip them both out.

With 345 horsepower (257 kW) of net flywheel power, Caterpillar considers the 345C L to be a large excavator. The last two digits of an excavator’s name, according to Caterpillar, represent the machine’s metric tonnage. Its horsepower is not what gives the 345C L its moniker. The fact that they both employ the number 345 is merely a coincidence. Presently, Caterpillar makes the 300 series, which includes the 345C L.

Outstanding durability and service life are guaranteed by Caterpillar design and manufacturing ᴍᴇᴛʜods. To increase rigidity, the boom foot area of the 345C L uses thicker plates.

In order to boost productivity and save maintenance costs, quick, simple service has been built in with extended service intervals, advanced filtration, convenient filter access, and user-friendly computerized diagnostics.

Let’s see 345CL Excavator Pull Out 2 Deere Dozers From A Stuck in the video below:

Source: Adam Petroff

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