Africa’s Largest Eagle Rips Lizard’s Eyes Apart As It Tries To Escape

Although martial eagles are the largest eagles in Africa, chasing one of the largest lizards on the continent is still challenging. 43-year-old safari and photographic guide Rodney Nombekana is well known for his safari outings and in-depth knowledge of the wildlife in the Kruger National Park. On every trip, he shares his enthusiasm with his customers.

During one of his safaris, he managed to capture the incredible image of Africa’s largest eagle bringing down and devouring a monitor lizard. He claimed that he went to Ngotso on a safari drive to look for the local leopards and the Ngotso lion pride. They sat and watched the Ngotso male lion for a long time because he was the only one they could find. Trevor, one of his friends who was taking part in the sighting, noticed a martial eagle that had just snatched a monitor lizard!

He had never witnessed anything like it before, and it was just incredible! Although there were two fantastic encounters in the same area, the eagle was the subject of all the cameras and not the lion. After almost an hour of observing the struggle, he took his guests to their favorite spot, Timbavati Picnic Spot, to feed them breakfast.

When they got back from breakfast, they discovered that the eagle was still trying to get rid of the lizard. The lizard persisted for a total of five hours until ultimately giving up, at which point the eagle successfully made the catch. They left, leaving the eagle to finish its well-earned dinner.

Let’s watch the moment in the video below:

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