Amazing And Wonderful Process Of Installing Giant Wind Turbines

To determine the best location to put the turbine, a topological survey is required. The kinds of supports and screw piles that could be necessary can be determined with the use of a geological survey. Installations of wind turbines must be able to handle alternating vertical, overturning moment, and lateral loads. In order to provide enough support in a variety of soil conditions, four conical anchors, each capable of withstanding lateral loads up to 5 KN, are frequently employed. The vertical pylon towers may move safely with about 75mm of movement being accommodated in all directions thanks to specially constructed plates.

Trenches need to be dug to install the electrical lines in addition to establishing foundations that are sufficiently stable. The numerous survey results, along with the trenches and cabling they produce linking the turbine, controller, and transformer, etc., will determine the exact specification. An electrical expert will use a controller, an inverter, and an Ofgem-approved generating meter to link the turbine’s DC output to the grid.

The wind turbine assembly can then begin to be built when the foundations have been firmly set. The precise procedure varies depending on the size of the turbine, but the general flow is the same. A crane is used to build the mast, either all at once or in sections. The nacelle holding the generator is raised to the top of the mast and fixed in position after being fastened. The actual turbine blades are then raised and fastened to the generator. The entire system can be constructed horizontally and then gently hoisted into position for smaller turbines.

An electrical engineer can combine the mechanical components with the previously installed wiring and electronic systems once they have been constructed and tested. The finished system is connected to the grid in cooperation with your local district network operator (DNO). Final electrical performance and safety checks are performed, and documentation like maintenance guides, warranties, and registration information is given. The windmill is prepared to produce clean electricity. 

Let’s watch Amazing And Wonderful Process Of Installing Giant Wind Turbines in the video below:

Source: Windhoist UK

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