Amazing sᴄᴇɴᴇ Manitowoc 18000 Crane Lifting Another Crane Across A Canal

In 1925, Manitowoc Cranes started manufacturing lattice boom crawler cranes in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It has since dominated the market in terms of sales, innovation, performance, and support. With products that have long set the bar for excellence around the world, Manitowoc is dedicated to offering the most inventive, sophisticated, and extensive range of lifting solutions. 

The 400 foot heavy lift boom and 520 foot luffing jib extension of the Manitowoc 18000 Crawler Crane give it a maximum lifting capacity of 660 tons. It includes the CANBUS-enabled EPIC control system. The Manitowoc 18000 eliminates the cumbersome counterweight wagon and achieves the ideal balance between physical strength and mobility, providing great capacity and a small overall footprint.

A Manitowoc crane is more functional and easier to service thanks to the EPIC microprocessor, which can detect any problems with the crane’s engine, power transmission, and other operating systems. Furthermore, EPIC encourages versatility by making it simple to alter a Manitowoc crane’s operation for special purposes, with or without attachments.

Let’s watch the Amazing sᴄᴇɴᴇ Manitowoc 18000 Crane Lifting Another Crane Across A Canal in the video below:

Source: TNT Crane & Rigging

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