Caterpillar 992K Wheel Loader Plays With A Big Stone

With ACERTTM Technology, the 992K maintains the dependability and longevity of the tried-and-true Cat C32 diesel. This engine has been fully integrated into all machine systems, much like all Cat machines, resulting in power curves, fuel maps, and ratings that are specific to this machine and applications. Fuel is metered out in the right amounts for power and efficiency thanks to the mechanically activated, electronically regulated unit injection (MEUITM).

For earthmoving operations, Caterpillar produces the best transmissions. Everything, including the electronics that enable integration with the C32 engine and Impeller Clutch Torque Converter of the 992K, is under the control of Caterpillar design, including the gear geometry, heat treatment, and metallurgy. Three forward and three reverse speeds are available from the 992K’s Cat Planetary Powershift Transmission. 

The hydraulic response, performance, and efficiency of the 992K Positive Flow Control (PFC) Hydraulic System are being redefined. Two electronically controlled, completely variable piston pumps are included in the implement system for quick, effective cycles. Pump and valve control are simultaneously under PFC. Hydraulic oil flow is proportional to implement lever stroke by improving pump control.

Let’s watch Caterpillar 992K Wheel Loader Play With A Big Stone in the video below:

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