Check Out The Incredible XCMG XCA1600 All-terrain Crane Which Can Install Impellers At The Height Of 140 Meters

The 1,000-ton XCMG XCA1600 All-terrain Crane has among its greatest load charts and efficiency. With its 30% grade ability and nine-axle, all-terrain chassis, it has the highest grade ability in the world. The installation of wind turbines with hub heights up to 140 meters is also made simple by a seven-section boom and a specially designed self-folding wind power jib.

Wind turbines with hubs up to 140 meters can be lifted using a combination of specialist wind power jibs, providing performance that leads the sector. The dual-power eight-axle drive system, which is internationally unique, aids in the heavy-load job site transfer with a boom, super lifting device, wind power jib, and outriggers attached with a slope ability of 30%. It has two high speed hydraulic axles and six mechanical axles.

The innovative heavy-duty single-transverse arm independent suspension system, which has a minimum ground clearance of 500 mm and a 30% increase in pass capacity, makes it easier to move between project sites in mountainous terrains. Due to the revolutionary self-folding wind power jib’s ability to be stowed in just two hours, transfer efficiency is significantly increased and costs are reduced.

The XCA1600 is the first wheeled crane in the world to be capable of installing impellers to a height of 140 meters. The assembled impeller, which weighed roughly 90 tons and had a diameter of 141 meters, was lifted and docked by the crane in 40 minutes. The next 90 minutes were spent by engineers tightening each of the 80 nuts.

Let’s take a look at The Incredible XCMG XCA1600 All-terrain Crane in the video below:

Source: XCMG Machmall

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