Crazy Logging Truck Driving Sᴋɪʟʟs, Incredible Trucks With Amazing Carrying Capacity

The backbone of the forestry industry, transportation, is made possible by logging trucks. Huge vehicles known as logging trucks are used to transport recently cut trees along roads and highways so they may be sawn into boards or other goods at the sawmill. Efficiency is necessary, and since roundwood shipping can be one of the more expensive components of the timber supply chain, it’s essential to fit as much wood onto a cargo as you can.

What amount of wood can a truck load hold, though? Although logging trucks come in a variety of sizes, the average semi-trailer logging truck can store about 13 cords of wood. This translates to 3,000 board feet for low log loads and 5,000 board feet for heavy log loads when expressed in board feet.

An example of a semi-trailer logging truck, which normally has 6–9 axles, that one may regard to be a “regular” load. 13 cords of wood, or 33 tons, may be transported by these vehicles. In a technical sense, they are not working to their full potential. The amount of wood that a logging truck can load is typically limited by rules governing weight restrictions, therefore these trucks must instead abide by such laws.

Straight tri-axle trucks are smaller than conventional log trucks and are used to transport firewood and logs from or to smaller mills during smaller logging operations. A tri-axle logging truck can hold around 7 cords of timber, or around 18 tons.

Let’s watch Crazy Logging Truck Driving Sᴋɪʟʟs And Incredible Trucks With Amazing Carrying Capacity in the video below:

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