Disassembly Of World’s Largest Tower Crane Kroll – 10000, A Great Deal Of Respect For Courageous Workers Who Work On Cranes

The Kroll K-10000 has been one of the biggest tower cranes in the world for more than 40 years. The traditional jib type can lift 120 tons at a radius of 269 feet and is approximately 400 feet tall with a 266-foot jib reach. The 330-foot radius of the long jib type allows it to lift 94 tons. The K-10000 can rotate 360 degrees after it is attached to its concrete base, which has a 40-foot diameter. A total of 7.5 acres, or roughly 6 football fields, may now be covered by the crane.

A second servicing crane is mounted to the top of the K-10000 for initial building and ongoing maintenance. A system of three counterweights, one fixed and two movable on trolleys, totaling 100 tons, is used to balance the crane.

With this load on board, the crane is capable of withstanding wind gusts of up to 175 mph. Due to its enormous jib span and weight capacity, the K-10000 speeds up work on major construction projects by eliminating the need for lesser cranes and crawlers.

Hoisting is controlled by a 140kW DC motor, slewing is controlled by four 14.6kW DC motors, and hook trolleying is controlled by a 37kW AC motor. The crane has three 8.6kW AC motors with counterweight trolleys to adjust for weight.

Let’s take a look at the disassembly of the world’s largest tower crane in the video below:

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