Discover The Most Impressive Concrete Trucks In The World

Without the concrete mixing truck, where would we be? It is a construction industry icon that has allowed the delivery of large amounts of concrete for many years. It has only undergone minor changes throughout time and, combined with volumetric mixers, provides the greatest ᴍᴇᴛʜod for delivering concrete.

Oshkosh S-Series Best Concrete Mixer Truck

The Oshkosh S-Series Concrete Mixer Truck is a high-capacity, high-performance truck that is made in the United States. Its excellent maneuverability and small turning radius enable it to operate with ease in both cities and in difficult terrain. It is made to transport large amounts of concrete safely and unload it quickly. Its drum has a capacity of 8,500 liters. Its engine generates 400 horsepower. 

Mack Granite Concrete Mixer Truck

The Mack Granite Concrete Mixer Truck is a truck with great power and durability that has been produced in the United States. It is made to enable the transporter of bigger quantities of concrete, cutting down on labor costs and operating expenses. The drum is mounted on a specialized trailer that is steered by rear axles, and its tight turning radius allows you to maneuver and access most construction sites easily.

Mercedes Benz Arocs Concrete Mixer Truck

Mercedes-Benz Arocs Concrete Mixer Truck is a reliable and effective truck that has been manufactured in Gᴇʀᴍᴀɴʏ. Its efficiency and high load capacity enable it to achieve a high productivity rate. It is outfitted with a reinforced chassis and a high-quality corrosion resistant steel drum that measures 8.7 meters in length and has a volume of 8,000 liters. It features a 450 horsepower engine that can travel at 120 km/h, has a 650 liter water tank, and can move 8 cubic meters of concrete.

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