Dockwise Vanguard – You Won’t Believe What This World’s Largest Heavy Lift Vessel Can Do

The Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard in Ulsan constructed the semi-submersible Dockwise Vanguard for the Dutch shipping business Dockwise. It is designed for heavy freight and offshore dry docking. The boat has a bowless design that Dockwise and Deltamarine created.

The whole length of the ship is covered with a free deck area measuring 275 by 70 meters. Although water cannot enter the vessel’s compartments, the design permits water to flow along the whole deck. To protect the crew, a bulwark was also built into the design. The ship is fitted with buoyancy shells that may be adjusted in order to carry various types of cargo. 

Maximum speed offered by the propulsion system is 14 knots. All available power is utilised while the ship is travelling at top speed or in survival mode. Only the smaller engines are required when the vessel is moving at low speeds, and the massive main gensets can be turned off to save fuel.

The Dockwise Vanguard has an overall length of 275 meters, a molded width of 70 meters, a depth of 15.5 meters, and a submerged draft of 31.5 meters. The ship is 117,000 tons in weight. The ship’s open deck measures 275 by 70 meters. The loading deck extends the entire length of the ship.

Let’s find out more about this wonderful ship in the video below:

Source: Innovation Now TV

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