Giant Boeing 747 Dreamlifter With Special Appearance And Impressive Carrying Capacity 

The Boeing 747 Dreamlifter is the world’s longest cargo plane and unquestionably one of its most remarkable in terms of appearance. It is also one of the rarest freighters in existence today with only four having been built. This enormous airplane was created by Boeing to transfer parts for its 787 Dreamliner from global vendors to its US plants.

Boeing Dreamlifter is a wide-body cargo jet. It has a cargo volume of about 65,000 cubic feet, providing commercial airlines with a sizable amount of storage room. The Dreamlifter can carry up to three times as much freight as a standard 747-100F jet, which gives you an idea of how big its cargo capacity is.

The Dreamlifter was first introduced by Boeing in the early 2000s. Of course, there were challenges that the aerospace manufacturing company had to overcome when creating the wide-body cargo jet. For instance, Boeing started using parts from the 747-400 in 2003 after learning that the 787 components were too large for the Dreamlifter. In 2008, Boeing formally unveiled the Dreamlifter following extensive testing and certification.

The estimated program cost for the Dreamlifter is $1 billion, therefore it is by no means a cheap project. However, it has a number of amazing features and specifications that make it a desirable option for commercial airlines looking for a cargo jet. The Dreamlifter is nearly 235 feet long and stands at a height of 70 feet. Its cruising speed is Mach 0.82, and its maximum takeoff weight is nearly 803,000 pounds.

Let’s take a look at the The Giant Boeing 747 Dreamlifter in the video below:

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