How To Harvest Tulip Bulbs With Modern Agricultural Machines

All spring bulbs will be picked, sorted, cleaned, and packed in the summer for further export to consumers around the world.

First, the tulip bulbs will be collected. By digging out a few bulbs from the ground, farmers can assess the size and quality of the tulip bulb. They will begin harvesting the tulips if the size and color look good.

A large machine that drives over the area and picks up the sand with the bulbs in it will harvest the tulip bulbs. The bulbs will be collected in a sizable wooden box with as little sand as possible. The bulbs will be transported back to the farm and set up for a ventilation system so they may get some fresh air. To be ready for peeling, they must dry for a week.

The bulbs will next be peeled by the machine (which is at farm). Peeling entails removing the tulip bulb’s old stem, roots, and skin while preserving the baby bulbs that have sprouted on its underside. Peeling is only necessary for tulip bulbs. The baby bulbs will be new planting material for the next season.

In the video below, you will see How To Harvest Tulip Bulbs With Modern Agricultural Machines:

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