How To Transport The Enormous Caterpillar 992G Wheel Loader

The Caterpillar 992G is a 95.5-ton equipment powered by a Caterpillar engine that can produce up to 610 kW (818 hp). In the category of wheel loaders, the 992 G is categorized in the largest machine segment. The 992G measures 4.516m by 15.585m by 9.415m in dimension.

The Caterpillar 992G wheel loader’s standard tires are 45/65-45 in size. The maximum speed of the Wheel Loader 992G Caterpillar is 20.2 km/h. The maximum discharge height of 6.94m and the bucket capacity of 12m3 are standard for this type of machine when compared to other variants. This Caterpillar 992G has a 4.636m-wide bucket as part of its equipment.

The 992G is a ground-breaking development in large wheel loader design, with a payload of 24 tons (22 metric tons) for the most demanding tasks. To provide highly consistent welds and enhanced strength, more than 90% of the 992G structure is robotically welded. Castings are also utilized in a number of other applications to boost strength by spreading out the loads and minimizing the number of parts.

By offering a sizable enough bucket to be used to accomplish goal pass-match across a variety of material densities without the ʀɪsᴋ of overload, optional new Payload Overload Prevention enables productivity and efficiency increases. When the overload value is surpassed, this feature can be set up to automatically halt or slow the lift function. The overload value is entirely customizable and dependent on the goal payload.

Let’s see How To Transport The Enormous Caterpillar 992G Wheel Loader in the video below:

Source: Mega Machines Channel

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