Incredible Logging Trucks With Amazing Wood Carrying Capacity

Logging trucks make it feasible for the timber industry’s transportation, which is its foundation. Logging trucks are enormous vehicles used to transport recently felled trees along the roads and highways so that they can be sawn into boards or other products at the sawmill. Efficiency is required, and it’s crucial to pack as much wood onto a cargo as you can because roundwood shipping can be one of the more expensive aspects of the timber supply chain.


But how much wood can a truck load hold? Although there are many different sizes of logging trucks, a typical semi-trailer logging truck can hold roughly 13 cords of wood. When expressed in board feet, this works out to 3,000 board feet for light log loads and 5,000 board feet for large log loads.


What one may consider a “standard” load is a semi-trailer logging truck, which typically has 6–9 axles. These trucks can transport 33 tons, or 13 cords, of wood. Technically speaking, they are not operating at full capacity. Instead, these logging trucks are required to adhere to laws regarding weight restrictions, which normally place a cap on the amount of wood that a logging truck can load.


Straight tri-axle trucks are used for hauling firewood and logs from smaller logging jobs or to smaller mills and they are smaller than regular log trucks. Approximately 7 cords of wood, or about 18 tons, can be loaded onto a tri-axle logging truck.

Let’s take a look at Incredible Logging Trucks With Amazing Wood Carrying Capacity in the video below:

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