Krone Swadro 2000 Six-Rotor Rakes Working Amazingly In Devon

The new Swadro 2000 can rake from 10 to 19 meters when it is functioning at full capacity. It offers unrivaled efficiency, minimal maintenance, and the shortest changeovers in addition to swift transit speeds, long life, and the finest operator comfort. With Krone rakes, windrows are consistently excellent. This guarantees that subsequent harvesting equipment will produce more and be more productive while also producing the desired outcomes, such as perfectly shaped square bales or even crop flow in the forager.

This machine has two secrets. One is hidden behind Krone’s sharp cam track angle. Due to the fast turning of the tine arms, the tines immediately rise up to form a square windrow that is evenly filled. The second difference is that because the front two rotors spin faster than the back two, there is no roping effect. The windrow can be built using the common center swath curtain.

The fact that the windrows are suspended equally across the travel direction allows the rotors to produce windrows that are uniform and of great quality. In addition, as the machine goes across the field, its weight is distributed equally among all of the wheels of the running gear. 

The KRONE Jet Effect protects the crop by keeping tins from damaging the headland’s sward. As the bogies are lowered into action, the front wheels arrive at rest first, followed by the back wheels. When the rotors are taken off, the front wheels are lifted out first, then the back wheels. This is similar to the takeoff and landing of an airplane.

Let’s see Krone Swadro 2000 Six-Rotor Rakes Working Amazingly In Devon in the video below:

Source: AgriVideos

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