Mar-Train Heavy Haulage Moving A New Doosan DX800LC-7 Excavator From Dealers Yard

The 80-ton DX800LC-7 huge excavator has stronger construction and smarter technologies for maximum uptime protection. The machinery is specifically designed to construct the infrastructure for mines, quarries, and mining. An innovative double-foot boom design reduces single-side wear patterns by dispersing strain among two boom pins.

You can move material swiftly with a 5.1 cubic yard bucket and three different excavator arm configurations (normal, extended, and mass-excavation). Each of the three has a front that is quite strong and strengthened in key areas. More intelligent rotational force distribution of the crossed-design swing bearing adds durability and uptime protection.

The D-E-OWER system, exclusive to Doosan, offers new fuel savings and enhanced performance. The system carefully adjusts the hydraulic oil flow with the excavator’s available horsepower in order to increase the productivity of your equipment. Operators can also boost productivity by selecting either the boom priority mode or the swing priority mode. 

A monitor with a 360-degree field of vision offers a bird’s-eye view. At big building projects and quarry activities, your visibility is increased. The DX800LC-7 excavator’s easy-to-read 8-inch touch screen is used to access your settings fast. The screen is 30% larger than in previous models. Push-button start and a smart key fob increase your security at work and outside of it. More Doosan machinery can be connected to the fob. Larger foot pedals offer more comfort and accuracy. Comfort is increased with the heated seat.

In the video below, you will see Mar-Train Heavy Haulage Moving A New Doosan DX800LC-7 Excavator From Dealers Yard:

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